Company history and growth

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Company history
The forging shop was founded in the thirties of the last century by the Jirka family, its former owners.
The company specialized in the production of axes and hand tools that were also exported to foreign countries. After 1948, the production of hand tools was replaced with close-die forgings such as parts for mining shearers, bearing pullers, flanges, etc..

In 1992, the forge was returned to its former owners. Later, in 1994, it became part of STAKO Červený Kostelec s.r.o. The forging shop continued the production of close-die forgings as a separate branch of the STAKO company.

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In 2016, the whole enterprise of the forge including forging machinery and all equipment has been relocated to new premises in Dědov, Teplice nad Metují thus the forge has increased its production capacity and technology potential. We continue this forging business under the trade name of STAKO Červený Kostelec s.r.o. – Close die forge.